Interested in learning more about how good regulation is made in Australia?

For every policy proposal designed to introduce or abolish regulation, policy-makers are required to submit a Regulatory Impact Statement or RIS. The RIS process is designed to promote better, not more regulation in Australia, as it requires an impartial, rigorous and evidence-based analysis of the policy problem.

This course will explore Australia's regulatory processes and why they are key to effective regulation.

You can decide what and how you navigate throughout the modules and activities; with different learning pathways for each participants' needs and experience levels.

  • By the end of this MOOC, you will be able to write a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) using best practice regulatory processes to solve policy problems.


You will deepen your understanding of the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) process by writing your own Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for a fictional scenario.

What's more, you will have improved your ability to make effective policy. 


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This MOOC is divided into 4 main topics/sections. Each topic is made up of a series of modules with resources and activities.

You can decide which topics are most relevant for you and what you'd like to take away from this course!

Take a look at the infographic below to find out which topic/s might be best suitable for your needs:



How good policy is made: The Australian Government guide to regulation with rigour

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